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Bütün hayvanları çok sevdiğim gibi filleri de çok seviyorum. Onların yaşamasını istiyorum. Acı çekmelerini istemiyorum.


All animals important for me.

Orhan Gazi

I've held a deep admiration and love for elephants for a long time. They are my favorite animal.


They're adorable. I can't make sense of the relationship of an emotional animal to the massacre.Let's protect them.


En az bir insan kadar onlarında yaşam hakkı var, insanların kendi zevkleri için böyle bir vahşet yapmaları bir insanı öldürmekten farksız


Because sine the 70ies I've been growing haunted by the extinction of that incredible animal. I still remember as it was yesterday, the weekly newspaper "Europeo" with the photographies of the elephant massacres in the seventies (as well as the whales, baby seals) , and I never forgot, it shocked my child's brain. I' can't get through a world which does not consider the fundamental rights of an animal, and the will and the rights of the future generations to see them wild and free and not in an old book or on Wikipédia. Best regards




Because they are so cute and the ivory sell has to stop

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