The following inspiring words are from students, parents, teachers and animal lovers of all ages. Join the Herd! Pledge to help protect African elephants and tell us why elephants are important to you.

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There are majestic and so full of soul. They communicate, celebrate and grieve. They appreciate and find joy in their young. I love them. How wonder a living species.


I saw the movie about Naledi yesterday on arte and in fact she stole my heart. Her story is a significant example for the great problems we have today: The results of avarice and selfishness. I love and respect the Elephants because they are through and trough loving creatures. I would like to buy some Fotos of Naledi from the film. Can you tell me where I can do ask for it?


Pour moi les éléphants sont importants car ils font parti de cette nature qui nous entourent.ils faut les respecter et les laisser vivre leurs vies en paix.jespere qu'ils pourront se reproduire dans l'avenir sans craindre de disparaître


Because they are life!!! Beautiful life


They are beautiful, brilliant animals who were made by God


I have loved elephants my whole life and they are my favorite animal. I sleep with a stuff animal elephant every night for 10 years now. I also think befor i was human I was an elephant and hope to be one agian.


Thinking back on the past, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the extinction of animals. Its sad to see that some of us have not learned from our mistake. Elephant are animals unlike any other. Well, besides it's extinct descendent, the mammoth. The existence of African elephants are being threaten today due to poachers and habitat loss. They are presently categorized as endangered. The lives of elephants matter just as those of humans. In fact, we share a few similarities with elephant. Alike us, they have the ability to express and feel emotions. When one of their species dies, they caress the carcass and scatter the bones, it is equivalent to us as a funeral. Its not as if they are heartless. I would be emotionally affected if one of my family members passed away. It is in our nature to grieve at the loss of other. This is the same with the elephant. In all honesty, I understand the feeling. In addition, curiosity would also be a part of our nature. If African elephants went extinct, we could most likely no longer unlock the mysteries they hold. This is why I pledge to help keep African Elephants alive for many years. Even if we can not communicate with them in our language, its true to say they would appreciate it.

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