The following inspiring words are from students, parents, teachers and animal lovers of all ages. Join the Herd! Pledge to help protect African elephants and tell us why elephants are important to you.

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All animals are important to me. I would love to help saving animals but i dont have the connections to do so. I would love to help because it is my passion to make sure that animals have a good and safe Life. I am from germany and 30 years old.


They are lovely creastures.They seem so humanized.


my favet animal


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There are majestic and so full of soul. They communicate, celebrate and grieve. They appreciate and find joy in their young. I love them. How wonder a living species.


I saw the movie about Naledi yesterday on arte and in fact she stole my heart. Her story is a significant example for the great problems we have today: The results of avarice and selfishness. I love and respect the Elephants because they are through and trough loving creatures. I would like to buy some Fotos of Naledi from the film. Can you tell me where I can do ask for it?


Pour moi les éléphants sont importants car ils font parti de cette nature qui nous entourent.ils faut les respecter et les laisser vivre leurs vies en paix.jespere qu'ils pourront se reproduire dans l'avenir sans craindre de disparaître

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