The following inspiring words are from students, parents, teachers and animal lovers of all ages. Join the Herd! Pledge to help protect African elephants and tell us why elephants are important to you.

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Elephants play an important role in the environment because they create grasslands that can supply a shelter or a habitat to other animals. Elephants also have a talent for digging, so they help create water holes for other animals. Elephants are extremely helpful to several species. They are sharp-witted and shrewd animals. It brings me, and many others, great sadness to see these animals being forced into labor and being hurt for only ivory. Elephants do a lot for our environment, so why do we do such harmful things when they should be getting rewarded? It is important to me that we stop killing these animals. Even if it means to stop killing them for science as well.


They're adorable.


Elephants are majestic creatures that should be cherished and protected.


Elephants have always been my favorite animal, which is why I feel terrible that I did not know more about the torture and abuse of these animals in Thailand when I visited there in 2014 and posed with an infant elephant. Since then I donate monthly to an elephant refuge. These animals are too important to lose.


I have loved elephants since I was a baby. They are important to me because they are so cute and funny and silly. Why do they have to kill my favorite animal?:(


They are majestic, beautiful, and part of the web. When any part is lost, the whole suffers.


Elephants are important to me because they are beautiful, peaceful creatures and do not deserve to be harmed.


Elephants are important to me because their just like me. It's just like your family so I would not like it if you killed or even hurt them. It's like seeing your own family get hurt so if we don't do something about it soon there going to be endangered then worse extinct so our kids will never get to experience the amazing creature. The elephants have been through a lot like for example war and you can't even imagine what else. So if we don't do something about it today it will be to late, so save our friend. There kind loving creatures who would never hurt a fly but if they do that means you are doing something to hurt them. That is why elephants are important to me.

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