The following inspiring words are from students, parents, teachers and animal lovers of all ages. Join the Herd! Pledge to help protect African elephants and tell us why elephants are important to you.

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Because they have been here far longer than us and there are SICK people who want to buy their tusks because of the ivory....i am 60 years old and if you arm me and many of my friends we will do everything to stop these poachers from killing these wonderful really is coming to this and im not prepared to just sit here and watch this happen while im still breathing...can you imagine our future generations not being able to see these majestic animals in their own habitats? We should do everything possible to help the Elephants and God only knows how many other animals to survive because we are the worst species on this beautiful Earth...period


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Elephants are beautiful, majestic and sacred creatures who play a vital role in our ecosystem and are in danger of becoming extinct.

Aalia Solomon

They are intelligent and beautiful animals. I'm humbled by their emotional intelligence.


They are the last great animal left on this planet was such an amazing big heart and they have such a sense of family


I have be drawn to these majestic animals since I was a little girl. They are wonderful. I cannot think of a world without them


The most majestic beauty I've ever seen!


Dont want to see them go!!

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