The following inspiring words are from students, parents, teachers and animal lovers of all ages. Join the Herd! Pledge to help protect African elephants and tell us why elephants are important to you.

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They are a great part of nature. I love animals and the elephants help so many other animals to live to, the spread seeds so that other plants grow, and finally, they are animals themselves and I love them.


Elephants have always been such a beautiful sight to me, and I absolutely feel sore when I hear what people do to innocent creatures like them. I would like to do as much as I possibly can to prevent it. My great grandmother loved elephants a lot, she dedicated a portion of her life to them, so she helped fuel my passion for these wonderful animals especially.


Elephants have a lot to teach people through their diet and their social system. What would happen if we were to lose those "teachers" before we understand them?


They make me laugh , and they are amazing animals that are very interesting to talk about to the children


All life is important to me.


I love them




Because my girlfriend loves elephants. We must save them!

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