You could win a trip to Africa to meet Naledi herself, and experience a true safari.

We are asking students to help us think big about how we can work together to protect wildlife habitat, stop poaching, and save African elephants.

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The Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for three (3), including airfare and lodging, to Abu Camp in Botswana. Located in the Okavango Delta, Abu Camp is an incredible place to experience a true African safari, meet Naledi, and spend time with her elephant herd. The Winner will experience an all-inclusive stay including meals and various activities.
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Naledi is an African elephant. Her name means ‘star’ in Setswana because she was born on a very starry night in Botswana. Her mother died when she was just 6 weeks old. A dedicated team of people had to step in to give her comfort and save her life. Her story is amazing and inspiring!

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